Qqs Projects Society - supporting youth, culture and environment

Hí?aú - Hello and welcome

We are Qqs Projects Society, a Heiltsuk First Nation nonprofit organization supporting youth, culture, and environment. We would like to welcome and thank you for visiting our new website!

In Heiltsuk culture it is essential that important business be conducted in public view, as at a potlatch or feast. This website is our bighouse, and here you will bear witness to all of our important work. You will be a historian of who we are and what we do. You will be able to confirm that we did things properly and acted with a good heart. This is no small deed, and for that you are our honoured guest.

In our language the word "Heiltsuk" means to speak and act correctly. We are guided by this and other basic Heiltsuk values, which we call our?gvi'ilas. You will see them reflected in the way we uplift and support our?youth, in the way we uphold our traditional laws and?culture, and in the way we sustain and respect our?environment.

We are given strength and guidance by our?hemas?(hereditary chiefs), by our?umaqs(high-ranking women), and by all of our elders and friends. We accomplish our goals by working together with a broad range of like-minded people and organizations. And so, we invite you to share your thoughts and wisdom with us, and to become our friend and supporter.

As our witness, we honour you and welcome you in the way of our people.

Walas gayasixa!

Learn more?about us?and?our projects?by reading on!

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Qqs Projects Society
PO Box 786, Bella Bella, BC V0T 1Z0
phone: 250-957-2917 • email: info@qqsprojects.org
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